Behind The Ropes

AAF Tank Museum's "Behind the Ropes"


We offer a couple specials that our guests can schedule and take advantage of.  They are listed below with a little information about each.  If you are interested in scheduling or finding out pricing  please email Natasha at or call her at 434-836-5323 and she will be happy to help. 

  • Vehicle Rides (non-event weekends)
    • We offer the option to get a ride inside one of our vehicles on a day that the museum is open to the public.  This is for laps inside the museum building, so weather is not an issue.  
    • This must be scheduled for in advance.  We also require payment upfront as well.
    • It can NOT be done on an event Saturday.
    • Children must be 10 years old or older to participate
  • Private Opening
    • We offer the option to have the museum opened any non-regular business day.
    • This would have to scheduled in advance and payment is due when scheduling.
  • Climb on a Tank 
    • We offer the option to climb on and inside tanks!!!!  WHAT?!!!
    • This is scheduled in advance and paid for at time of scheduling.
    • How it works:  
      • It is by the hour and you get 4 tanks per hour.  
      • You get to chose which tanks you want to do.  There is only two we do not allow and that is the M4 Sherman (inside is full of dirt) and the M47
      • You can get additional time and people (charges depend on what you are wanting to add on)
    • Children must be 10 years old or older to participate
  • RC Tank Rentals   
    • Please call for pricing and availability. 
    • Only available on RC Battle Weekends
    • We only have 1 RC Tank to rent, so please make sure to reserve it early if you are wanting to do this.