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Contact Information

American Armoured Foundation, Inc.
3401 U.S. Hwy 29B
Danville, Virginia 24540
Phone: 434-836-5323     FAX: 434-836-3532
William Gasser ~ Director & Curator
Karen Gasser ~ Director & Business Manager

Who we are

American Armoured Foundation, Inc., better known as the Tank Museum, is a 501 (c) 3 charitable not for profit educational organization. Founded in 1981 by present museum curator and director, Mr. William Gasser.

Museum Mission

The mission of the Tank Museum is to collect, restore, preserve, and exhibit, a significant part of military tank & cavalry artifacts from all time periods and nations as is possible, and to educate present and future generations to the service and sacrifices given by the men and women of the armed services.

Museum Collection

The Museum collection is exhibited in a 330,000 sq. foot facility.

Presently the Museum has over 118 Tanks and Artillery pieces.

Weapons Room Exhibit ~ with over 150 Mid size weapons such as, Bazookas, Flame Throwers, and Recoilless Rifles.

Rifle Room Exhibit ~ with over 60 rifles from the unique and rare to the very common military types.

Over 350 Tank & Artillery Optics & Fire Control items.

International Hall of Tank & Cavalry Generals with over 340 Generals in Attendance.

Sandbox Soldiers Exhibit with 37 children's military uniforms.

1400 Tank & Cavalry Uniforms dating from 1509 to present.

300 Women's Uniforms dating from 1852 to present.

1300 Tank and Cavalry headgear pieces dating from 1790 to present.

Over 350 Tank & Armored Fighting Vehicle toys.

Danville-Pittsylvania Soldiers Remembrance Wall.

Radio Control 1/16 scale indoor Battlefield ~ 6,000 sq. ft in size and the only indoor RC Battlefield in the world.

Exhibits of the following International Tank & Cavalry artifacts from all time periods: Artwork, ash trays, badges, belt buckles, books & magazines, banks, banners and streamers, cards, clocks, coins, carvings, cufflinks, data plates, decals, DI's, field gear, figurines, flags, guidons, glassware, hankies, hood ornaments, ID bracelets, insignia patches, jewelry, lithographs, lighters, matchbooks, musical instruments optics, pillowcases, pencils, paper goods, pennants, post cards, powder puffs, presentation pieces, posters, puzzles, rings, scarves, sweetheart items, signs, smoking items, aprons, tie related items, wall hangings, walking sticks.

The Museum facility includes: PX gift & Hobby shop ~ Cafeteria ~ Research Library ~ Photo Studios ~ Videography Studio ~ Reading Room ~ Conservation Laboratory ~ School Classroom ~ Cryogenics Laboratory ~ Sewing Room ~ 5 Restorations Shops

Background Facts

Museum was founded in 1981 by present museum curator and director, Mr. William Gasser.
Certified in 1981 and recertified in 2003 by the U.S. Government and the Center of Military History to receive military donations as a not for profit museum.
AAF Tank Museum has the most extensive collection of Tank and Cavalry artifacts found anywhere in the world.
The only military museum with all artifacts under one roof.
Museum facility is 330,000 square feet on 89 acres.
Museum relocated in 1999 from Mattituck, New York to Danville, Virginia.
Facility was donated to the Museum by a New Jersey Corporation, Sandvik, Inc.
From 1999 to present major repairs and renovations are continually being made to the museum facility.
Community Economic development dream - from environmental super fund site to revitalized clean industry use.

Press Room Picture Gallery
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A.A.F. Tank Museum
3401 U.S. Highway 29B
Danville, VA 24540
434-836-5323   Fax: 434-836-3532

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